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Billions live without access to clean, reliable and affordable energy. 

As the world gathers at COP26, the 26th United Nations Climate Change conference, we need to make sure that Africa’s clean energy transition is made an urgent priority to help avert the climate crisis.

UN Sustainable Development Goal 7 – clean energy for all – and net-zero commitments are at risk of failing, and global inequality is set to widen without urgent action.

The technology to solve energy poverty is available now, but we need partnerships and investment to convert this vision into collective action.


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People provided with access to clean energy using our solar home systems


Metric tons of CO2e emission avoided


Kerosene lamps replaced


People undertaking more economic activities using Bboxx products
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Bboxx has created pioneering technology and uses innovative financing to make energy more accessible

Bboxx Pulse® is our comprehensive management platform which harnesses data, technology and machine-learning. We use it to remotely monitor and manage our solar home systems, our clean cooking solutions using smart LPG metering and our solar powered water pumps systems Bboxx Pulse® collects billions of data points everyday in order to meet our customers’ long term needs and give them the most reliable service possible.

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