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We have started Bboxx Rwanda, our first market launch, in 2013. Bboxx Rwanda is transforming lives and unlocking potential by connecting consumers and deploying innovative products across the country.

We have positively impacted over 350,000 Rwandans, by connecting them with clean, reliable and affordable electricity to their homes, communities and businesses for the first time. Bboxx Rwanda is also providing peri-urban and urban consumers with clean cooking solutions, smartphones and e-mobility. Every day, the Bboxx Rwanda team provides the best service to our customers to deliver an unparalleled improvement in the quality of life for rural and urban households and businesses. 

We are expanding and unlocking even more lives in Rwanda with the support of our trusted global partners and investors, such as AIIM – African Infrastructure Investment Managers.


Bboxx Capital Rwanda Ltd,
Kimihurura, KG7 Avenue, Gasabo Kigali Heights – 4th Floor
Kigali, Rwanda 

(+250) 7 88 31 77 02