Jacques Kagabo

Jacques Kagabo

Jacques Kagabo

I am Jacques KAGABO, Bboxx’s Product Manager, contributing five years to the company’s growth. My
journey at Bboxx began in 2018, inspired by its transformative impact.

I spent my childhood in a Rwandan village without electricity and clean cooking, where moonlit dinners
were an occasional occurrence, and early bedtime at 7 pm was the only option due to the absence of light. Completing primary studies without the luxury of evening revision became a reality, as the absence of light during those hours posed a challenge. Reflecting on my upbringing, I can’t help but wish Bboxx had been present during my formative years. These early experiences have significantly fueled my passion for the transformative impact on lives.

Starting as a Business Process Specialist, I advanced through Bboxx’s tailored development plan, eventually shifting into Product Management—an instrumental milestone in my professional journey. Presently, I oversee diverse services and projects, including Invoicing, Sales Structure, Notifications, Commissions, Customer Services, Mobile apps, and User Management. My role involves addressing customers, Pulse users, and Business pain points; a responsibility I embrace or its dynamic nature and tangible solutions. I liken it to being a diligent doctor, consulting patients, running laboratory tests, prescribing solutions, and do all these as quick as possible to prevent adverse consequences, otherwise you risk somebody’s live, same to business, customer, users, or anyone else involved.

Upon joining Bboxx, we initially focused on a single product, the Solar Home System, much like any other
solar company. At that time, we addressed a specific problem and catered to a singular customer segment. However, Bboxx has since evolved into a Next Generation Utility, expanding its reach to serve multiple customer segments in areas such as Solar, Clean Cooking, Affordable Communication through
smartphones with flexible payment plans, Clean Transportation, Agriculture, and more ventures on the horizon. Joining Bboxx means not just a job but a continuous journey of learning, impacting lives including yours, professional growth (growing everyday as each day is challenging in its own way) and unlocking potential including your own.

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