Jean Luc Ugirashebuja

Jean Luc Ugirashebuja

Bboxx Pulse Support Manager - Kigali, Rwanda
Jean Luc Ugirashebuja

My name is Jean Luc Ugirashebuja, and I work as Bboxx Pulse Support Manager at Bboxx Africa Management in Kigali, Rwanda.

During my time at Bboxx, I have had numerous opportunities for growth and development. Starting from when I joined in 2015 as a Customer Care Supervisor, I was able to work my way up to roles with increasing responsibility, including Sales Agency Network Analyst, Sales Agency Network Deputy Manager, Pulse Platform Support Officer, and ultimately, my current role as Bboxx Pulse Support Manager. In each of these positions, I have been able to develop new skills and take on new challenges that have helped me to grow both personally and professionally. Bboxx has also provided me with training opportunities and resources to help me improve in areas such as team leadership, business intelligence and business analysis, customer service, IT projects management and managing a global IT support function. I am grateful for these opportunities and am excited to continue growing with Bboxx in the future.

Bboxx’s mission to bring clean, affordable energy and other modern utilities to off-grid communities worldwide deeply resonated with me and drew me to the company. Since joining, I have found my experience here to be incredibly fulfilling, as it has presented me with numerous challenges and opportunities for growth and development.

In my role as the Pulse Platform Support Manager and Lead at Bboxx, I have faced various challenges related to maintaining service level agreements and managing escalations from different countries. However, I was able to overcome these challenges through effective communication and collaboration with business and product owners, ensuring proper UAT testing, and maintaining an updated knowledge base for the team. Additionally, as a team lead, I trained my team members to ensure that they were equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to support Bboox’s global operations.

Bboxx has a dynamic, innovative, and diverse company culture, with a strong focus on teamwork, excellence, and social impact. What sets us apart from other companies is our commitment to sustainability, customer-centricity, and disruptive technologies. This impacts my work by constantly challenging me to improve and innovate, and by providing a meaningful purpose to my work.

One example of how my work has directly impacted our customers and the communities is from my past experience of setting up a call center in Rwanda, back in 2015. I led the project from scratch, building a fully functional call center that enabled us to connect with our customers and improve our customer service. The call center has since become an integral part of our operations in Rwanda and has played a significant role in enhancing our customer experience. I’m proud to have been a part of this project and to see its continued success today.

What I appreciate most about working for Bboxx is the opportunity to contribute to a noble cause, work with talented and passionate colleagues, and grow both personally and professionally. Bboxx has contributed to my personal and professional growth by providing me with opportunities to learn, lead, manage and make a difference.

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