Kostas Voglitsis

Kostas Voglitsis

Lead Data Scientist - London, UK
Kostas Voglitsis

I am a Lead Data Scientist and I mainly work on Machine Learning projects.

My role at Bboxx involves leveraging and analysing customer data to gain a deeper understanding of their needs and challenges. This is a continuous learning process, and recognizing the existence of gaps in our understanding was a significant breakthrough. To bridge these gaps, I regularly collaborate with colleagues based in Africa and actively seek out their perspectives. However, the most enlightening experiences have been my trips to Africa, where I have had the opportunity to meet and converse with our customers first-hand.

Our company’s commitment to sustainability and social impact is encapsulated in our Extreme Weather Data Project. The Executive team highlighted the significance of this work, recognizing that climate change poses a significant threat to our customers. Our team has made significant progress in this area, including a recent breakthrough in correlating financial distress with extreme weather patterns. Bboxx is at the forefront of leveraging weather data to inform our decision-making processes and better support and protect our customers.

I have always enjoyed strong and close relationships with my colleagues in Africa. Recently, these relationships were further strengthened as we collaborated on a time-sensitive project. By the end of the same day of project briefing, we had developed a clear and effective action plan. Our success was due to our collective can-do attitude and the way we leveraged each other’s strengths.

The company is distinguished by its commitment to a worthwhile cause, its unique approach, and its diverse team. The Executive team is very hands-on on the day-to-day challenges and projects which makes huge difference in decision making and progress of things. As a company with an entrepreneurial spirit at its core, Bboxx provides abundant opportunities for growth and development. We are excited about our greenfield projects in challenging and unexplored areas. These initiatives allow us to push the boundaries of innovation and create meaningful impact where it is needed most.

At Bboxx, a belief in our cause and an appreciation for the challenge and ambition of our work is crucial. In addition to this mindset, success at our company requires a can-do attitude, the ability to collaborate in a global environment, and a willingness to adapt to new situations. These qualities enable us to work together effectively and achieve our goals, even in the face of complex challenges.

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