Christopher Baker-Brian

Christopher Baker-Brian

Chief Technology Officer
Christopher Baker-Brian

Christopher Baker-Brian is the Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Bboxx. As Chief Technology Officer, Chris leads the development, from the London office, of a wide range of advanced rural electrification solutions and clean cooking solutions, as well as a range of software products to support Bboxx’s growing global operations. He also oversees supply chain operations across Asia and Africa.

Born in 1987 in the UK, Chris is an Imperial College London Graduate. He obtained his Master of Engineering (MEng) in Electronic & Electrical Engineering with 1st class Honours in 2010. While studying at Imperial College London, Chris met our two other co-founders – Mansoor Hamayun and Laurent Van Houcke. Through their experiences travelling, they saw first-hand the challenges that communities and businesses face without access to energy supplies. In response, Chris, along with his two classmates founded a successful student charity, called e.quinox, which initially brought electricity to six villages in Rwanda and continues to operate today.

Following university, Chris worked at the Rolls-Royce Group, taking part of in the Engineering Professional Excellence Programme Graduate Scheme. His placements included Electrical Machine Design, Power Electronics/Heat Exchanger Packaging, Electrical/Control System Design for Rolls-Royce Fuel Cell Systems, and a Field Service Officer with British Airways at Heathrow Airport.

Over 13 years ago, Mansoor, Chris and Laurent founded Bboxx to create a sustainable, affordable, and commercial solution that would allow for unprecedented access to clean energy and other life-changing products to transform the lives of millions.

Chris specialises in rural electrification, product design, energy strategy, power systems, and electronics, as well as other areas of electrical engineering and software development. Chris is a British national residing in London.