Mansoor Hamayun

Mansoor Hamayun

Chief Executive Officer
Mansoor Hamayun

Mansoor Hamayun is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bboxx, a data-driven super platform, transforming lives and unlocking potential by connecting consumers and deploying innovative products across Africa.

Born in 1988 in Pakistan, he was raised in Sweden and studied Electrical Engineering at Imperial College London. While studying at Imperial College London, Mansoor met our two other co-founders – Christopher Baker-Brian and Laurent Van Houcke. Through their experiences traveling, they saw first-hand the challenges that communities and businesses face without access to energy supplies. In response, Mansoor, along with his two classmates founded a successful student charity, called e.quinox. Mansoor led this student charity from 2008-2010, which initially brought electricity to six villages in Rwanda and continues to operate today.

Following university, Mansoor worked as a manager for the Rolls-Royce Civil Aviation business, supporting the introduction of Boeing 787 Dreamliner for LAN airlines, working on corporate cost reduction in the Asian region service and overhaul business.

Over 13 years ago, Mansoor, Chris, and Laurent founded Bboxx to create a sustainable, affordable, and commercial solution that would allow for unprecedented access to clean energy and other life-changing products to transform the lives of millions.

As CEO, Mansoor leads Bboxx in all aspects of its business – from its head office in London to its factory in China, to distribution from its local shops in over 10 markets.

Mansoor is a Pakistan-Swedish national with fluent English, Swedish, and Urdu. He resides in London.