Bboxx Tomorrow’s Connected Community

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This marks an important stride towards our vision of achieving 100% electrification for the first time on the continent and beyond

Bboxx Tomorrow’s Connected Community

Bboxx launched its new concept called Tomorrow’s Connected Community in Togo on 24th April 2019.

It brings Bboxx’s mission to life by transforming lives and unlocking the economic potential of entire communities in developing countries through access to energy.

Tomorrow’s Connected Community was rolled out in the rural village of Sikpé Afidégnon in Togo, following its inauguration by the H.E. President Faure Gnassingbé, President of the Republic of Togo.
The entire village of 300 houses and 4,000 people in the south of the country is to be powered by solar electricity including, streetlights, households, schools, and small shops. The community can also access other utility products and services, such as clean cooking solutions, internet services, and water pumps.

“This launch equally demonstrates our commitment to managing rapid urbanization and meeting United Nations Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 11 to create sustainable cities and communities – in addition to the other 10 out of 17 SDGs to which Bboxx is also contributing. This marks an important stride towards our vision of achieving 100% electrification for the first time on the continent and beyond.” – Mansoor Hamayun, CEO and Co-founder of Bboxx

Bboxx has implemented the concept in Togo alongside EDF, which holds a 50% stake in Bboxx Togo, under the brand “Bboxx Avec EDF”. Bboxx and EDF are also engaged with additional innovative international and local partners to make this Togo project a reality.

Bboxx Tomorrow’s Connected Community runs on a micro-grid developed by General Electric to meet higher energy consumption needs, as well as Bboxx’s solar home systems to power households and SMEs. It showcases our complete solution to meet the developing world’s energy challenges. All of the services operate through Bboxx Pulse, the company’s comprehensive digital management platform, which manages customer service and product maintenance using data and predictive analytics.

The economics of Bboxx’s Tomorrow Connected Community is based on the ABC (Anchor – Business – Customer) model. The model is based on the approach of identifying an Anchor – which is a consumption user (for e.g. a telecommunication tower). Secondly, the model identifies business establishments with a critical demand for energy to improve operations. And lastly, identifying customers with variable demand for energy solutions. This enables us to combine mini-grids and solar home systems, offering an integrated solution for large scale electrification.