Bboxx Rwanda launches pay-as-you-go smartphones under Bboxx Connect brand

Bboxx Rwanda launches pay-as-you-go smartphones under Bboxx Connect brand
  • “Bboxx Connect”, is an affordable way for all Rwandans to own a smartphone by paying for it in affordable instalments.
  • This initiative supports the government of Rwanda’s agenda to use digital access and transformation as a key enabler for growth and development of all other sectors.

Wednesday 14th September 2022 – Bboxx Rwanda has launched pay-as-you-go smartphones under “Bboxx Connect” brand. Whereas penetration of mobile phones in Rwanda has reached over ten million citizens, only about two million have smartphones. In a nation where digital transformation is positioned as a key enabler for the country’s development agenda, access to smart devices, remains a challenge mainly due to high cost. To solve this problem and support the country’s development agenda, Bboxx Rwanda has launched Bboxx Connect, an affordable way for all Rwandans to own a smartphone by paying for it in affordable instalments.

“We want everyone to experience and enjoy the benefits of connectivity. Whether it is a young entrepreneur seeking to venture into the creative economy or a rural farmer with a desire to market the products online or a university student doing online research. We believe we can unlock potential in very many ways by simply providing access to affordable smartphones.” Justus Mucyo, Managing Director, Bboxx Rwanda commented.

Over the last twenty years, Rwanda has made significant strides in internet penetration infrastructure where almost 95% of the country has 4G coverage. Rwanda has also been able to make available hundreds of government services to its citizens. Access to financial technologies like mobile money and mobile banking has also grown significantly and similar progress has been made to digitize agriculture, education, health, and other critical value chains for economic growth. All this will significantly benefit the citizens if they are able to leverage the internet through affordable smartphones and other connected devices to easily access these services. Bboxx is working closely with the line Ministry of Information and ICT as well as like-minded companies to support the government’s agenda to increase digital access, a key enabler for growth and development of all other sectors.

“Access and affordability to smart devices remain a major challenge to Rwanda’s digital transformation journey. Bboxx Connect, comes as a great contribution to the collective efforts in place to connect every single Rwandan citizen to opportunities through the internet. We congratulate Bboxx and commit our support to not only this solution but also others that are helping us achieve our goals.” Paula Ingabire, the Minister of ICT, and Innovation commented on the initiative.

Bboxx Connect is the latest addition to the wide range of goods, services and utilities offered by Bboxx in Rwanda. The smartphone offering comes following another new offering, “Bboxx Cook”, a pay as you go clean cooking solution. These new products and services build on the success of Bboxx’s solar home systems that now provide clean energy access to over one hundred thousand households in Rwanda.

In line with its vision to transform lives and unlock potential, Bboxx, a super platform currently operating in Rwanda, Kenya, Togo, Burkina Faso, Nigeria and Democratic Republic of Congo, mainly uses the pay as you go model to enable customers to own and use devices as they pay for them in affordable monthly instalments.

All Bboxx devices are remotely managed under Bboxx Pulse®, the company’s proprietary IoT operating system. Through Bboxx Connect, the company is collaborating with like minded companies and the government to serve the unconnected in deep rural communities and the upcoming urban residents with a goal to unlock their potential.

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About us

Bboxx is a data-driven super platform, transforming lives and unlocking potential by connecting consumers and deploying innovative products across Africa.

Bboxx is championing the economic empowerment of Africa, accelerating the transition to the digital economy and creating new markets. We have built Bboxx Pulse®, a fully integrated operating system, and combined it with an extensive on-the-ground network to connect customers with clean energy, clean cooking, smartphones, e-mobility and selected financial products – many for the first time.

We are connecting both underserved rural communities and aspiring urban ones with a highly convenient and affordable way to access life-changing solutions, through last mile logistics and data-powered innovative financing methods. We offer our services on a pay-as-you-go basis to households, businesses, and communities, enabling African consumers to unlock their potential.

We build strategic partnerships with investors, utilities providers, global companies, and governments to accelerate growth and provide a wide range of products to consumers in Africa. Our partners are seizing a massive market opportunity by plugging into Bboxx – developed through green tech and big data and designed for scale.

Following the successful acquisition of solar energy frontrunner PEG Africa in 2022, Bboxx is now positively impacting the lives of more than 3.5 million people in 10 operating markets, directly contributing to 11 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Bboxx and its group of companies is one of the largest networks in Africa, with over 4,000 staff across Africa and offices in the UK and Asia.

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