Bboxx Rwanda – Yvette Muhawenimana dreams of serving her country but needed a little help

Bboxx Rwanda – Yvette Muhawenimana dreams of serving her country but needed a little help

Thursday 15th June 2023 – Yvette Muhawenimana is a 14-year-old female student in Senior One at Groupe Scolaire Nyagasambu. She dreams of joining the army and serving her country, Rwanda. Every school night, she sat under the streetlights outside her home to complete her homework due to her home’s lack of access to electricity.

On one of those nights, Bosco Manirabona, a Kayonza-based entrepreneur, was walking home when he noticed her from a distance, studying intensely. He took a few photographs and posted them on social, requesting the public to intervene and help this child access electricity at home.

The inspiring photos of Yvette studying diligently despite the challenges struck a chord with the online community. In Bboxx’s office, there was no question about whether to support Yvette or not. By the following day, Yvette’s home was fully electrified with solar energy courtesy of Bboxx. Bboxx also gave her a school bag full of essential scholastic materials.

Bboxx Rwanda learned about Yvette a young girl who studies under a street in Kayonza. Today, our team installed solar electricity in her home and also provided her with a school bag of essential scholastic materials. a short thread.

The electricity does not just benefit Yvette but also her entire household of five: a single mother, a sister, a brother, and a niece. The children can now study in the safety of their homes without worrying about the cost of candles or the risk of associated fires. The family’s living situation will also improve as the local authorities and community members are working together to help them find a permanent residence.

Numerous studies indicate that access to electricity has a positive impact on education outcomes. Electricity reduces dropout rates and improves student retention in schools. Schools with electricity also generally outperform non-electrified schools in national examinations. Electrified schools are also able to install computers, the internet, printers, scanners, projectors, and other ICT tools.

Last year, Bboxx donated electricity to Rwanda Children’s Christian School (RCCS), located in Ntarama sector, Bugesera district. The school offers primary school education to over 500 students.

To date, Bboxxhas positively impacted over 500,000 Rwandans by supplying clean, reliable, and affordable energy. Bboxx’s long-term vision is to sustainably end energy poverty and provide life-changing products that unlock the potential of those at the bottom of the economic ladder.

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