2 million people. 2 million stories

2 million people. 2 million stories

Friday 25th June 2021 – We are excited to launch our campaign “2 million people. 2 million stories: How Bboxx Pulse® is unlocking potential by connecting people with energy access”. Over the coming weeks, we will explore how Bboxx Pulse®, our comprehensive management platform, is at the core of our purpose of transforming lives and unlocking potential through access to energy.  

Over the last 10 years, we have positively impacted nearly two million lives with access to clean, reliable, and affordable energy. Yet, creating this change is a global logistical puzzle: ensuring the delivery of the new Bboxx product to a customer in rural Rwanda; providing customer service to an LPG customer to ensure they can cook hot meals for customers in their café; financing money to a family so that their child can study at night; powering an irrigation system for a farmer; and even monitoring the energy usage of the global Bboxx customers.  

Our ambition doesn’t stop here, however. We exist to end energy poverty for all and truly believe that access to energy unlocks a life otherwise not possible. To make this a reality, we rely on innovative technology to leapfrog traditional and often unreliable infrastructure to delivery sustainable, smart, and scalable solutions. Our comprehensive management platform, Bboxx Pulse, is the beating heart of our global network across 12 African and Asian countries.  

What is Bboxx Pulse®?  

Bboxx Pulse is a software platform that uses Internet of Things (IoT) technology. It sits at heart of everything we do, powering decentralised, sustainable energy access.  The platform enables us to remotely monitor the energy usage of our customers, capture data to inform our customer service and response, and manage our distributed utilities and hardware. It tracks vast data sets from stocks to retail management, mobile payments, consumer financing, and a portfolio of diverse product types. The intelligence from the platform drives scale, connects otherwise distributed people, products and places and predicts behavioural trend for improved customer service.  

How does Bboxx Pulse® drive energy access for all? 

The platform enables next generation utility (NGU) operators to start-up and scale, delivering the operating model platform they need to run their businesses efficiently. Our platform is designed to manage a diverse range of product categories: Solar Home Systems, LPG clean cooking, solar water pumps, Mini Grids, and other value-added services.  

Unlike other software providers that are optimised for sales of a single type of product, Bboxx Pulse is purpose-built to manage a next generation utility business: selling and financing a variety of products and services to existing or new customers, from getting those products from the warehouse to the customer’s doorstep and providing long-term service too.  

Over the coming weeks, we will be sharing the stories of the people, businesses and partners that are powered by Bboxx Pulse. From farmers in Togo using solar powered water pumps, to our NGUs using powerful tools of Bboxx Pulse to manage operations, the campaign will give you an opportunity to know more about our impact.  

All are optimised to help businesses grow, while building credibility with governments and international investors like Mitsubishi, EDF and Trafigura.