Bboxx partners with Pan African Solar

Bboxx partners with Pan African Solar

Bboxx announces launch into Nigeria with local partner Pan African Solar


Abuja, Nigeria. 3 May 2017 – Pan Africa Solar and Bboxx have announced the formation of PAS Bboxx Limited, a company that will sell and distribute Solar Home Systems to ‘base-of-the-pyramid’ customers in Nigeria.

PAS Bboxx has commenced business operations with the opening of its first sales branch located on the outskirts of Kano, the second largest city in Nigeria. The business has received partial funding from UK aid from the UK government provided through the Solar Nigeria Programme.

The PAS Bboxx solar home system is a plug-and-play device targeted to low-income households. Available via a monthly payment plan, the system comprises a single 50W solar panel and a battery unit that can power LED bulbs, charge mobile phones, rechargeable torches and radios. These accessories, designed to plug directly into the PAS Bboxx power unit, will give customers a choice of offerings depending on their budget.

“With 93 million Nigerians without access to electricity, the off-grid solar market in Nigeria has huge potential,” said Marcus Heal, CEO of Pan Africa Solar. “I am very confident that through this partnership with Bboxx we can build a sustainable business model that will transform the lives of millions of Nigerians.”

“PAS Bboxx is an excellent solution for low-income households that currently rely on kerosene, candles and torches to light their homes,” said Mansoor Hamayun, CEO of Bboxx. “Over the last six years we have installed over 100,000 units globally. We are very excited to have partnered with PAS in a joint effort to enter the Nigerian solar market, which looks to be very promising.”

The World Bank estimated that electrification rates in Nigeria in 2016 were at 55%, with those that are connected to the grid experiencing regular blackouts that can last for hours – or even days. For a country with such a large population, providing electricity for all over a short period will require the roll-out of affordable off-grid solutions:

“The government is making concerted efforts to increase the power-generation capacity in the country and is moving forward,” said Marcus Heal. “In tandem with these efforts, we can provide a solar energy solution that brings clean, affordable, and reliable electricity to consumers who are unlikely to be connected to the grid for many years to come.”