Great place to work

Great place to work

Bboxx’s Rwanda business is now a globally recognised ‘Great Place to Work’

18 December 2017 – Bboxx Rwanda has officially been awarded the ‘Great Place to Work’ certification, meaning we are now globally recognized as a business valued by our employees. It shows that we are more than just a successful local business – we are putting ourselves on the map as an organization with a workplace culture that is among the best in the world.

Bboxx Rwanda is the first company in Rwanda to receive this certification, which is a remarkable achievement. It’s fitting given that Rwanda is the first country in which Bboxx started operating – we’re now powering growth and transforming lives of over half a million people in 35 countries across the developing world with our smart solar systems.

The ‘Great Place to Work’ certification is a globally-recognised stamp of approval. To get the certification, Bboxx staff in Rwanda answered a wide range of questions on the level of trust in, and the culture of, the company. The data was collected and analysed independently of Bboxx (by the Great Place to Work Institute) to make sure that the answers were benchmarked properly against global best practice.

Many of our employees commented that not only were they happy in their job, but they were happy about Bboxx’s positive mission as a company. By providing local people with off-grid, clean, reliable and affordable energy where they otherwise would not have access to it, employees felt that they were contributing to the development of their own communities.

What’s more, a greater percentage of Bboxx employees (95%), feel good about the ways in which the company contributes to the community than the world’s best top 100 companies (93%). At the crux of this is BBOXX’s integration into local communities in Rwanda through enabling growth through access to power.

Bboxx places a great deal of emphasis on formal training of employees, ranging from customer service, digital skills and technical training. This is how we ensure that our distributed workforce has the necessary knowledge and skills to do their jobs effectively. We want to empower our employees to achieve even more, and this certification shows that we are heading in the right direction.

Being the first company in Rwanda to get this certification sets us apart as an employer – but it doesn’t stop there. We have big ambitions for both our business and our people. Building a great company, workforce and culture does not end with this certification, but it is indeed a start and is something we want to replicate across our global business.

We are driven by our mission to provide 20 million people with solar electricity by 2020, and this solar revolution will only be possible with a capable, passionate and empowered workforce.