With our transition from being a next generation utility to becoming a super platform, Bboxx Pulse ® also evolved from a state-of-the-art comprehensive management platform to a fully integrated operating system.

Our fully integrated operating system
Distributed businesses in developing countries face multiple challenges managing scale as customers, employees and products are dispersed across remote locations. These challenges include affordability of products and services managing last-mile distribution, product life-cycle management, business efficiency, remote workforce management, and complex business processes – all while serving a low-income and highly price-sensitive customer base.

We created Bboxx Pulse ®, a fully integrated operating system to tackle these challenges and help these distributed businesses to unlock operational excellence and enable scale. Bboxx Pulse ® is designed to tackle challenges at product, customer, and business level across 4 key business areas: Sales & Services, Credit & Payments, Last Mile Logistics, and Product Lifecycle Management.

Connecting the dots – Bboxx Pulse ® powering our super platform
Bboxx is a super platform, transforming lives and unlocking potential by providing access to essential products and services across Africa.

“To enable something as complex as a super platform to exist, it requires a very powerful fully integrated operating system, and that is Bboxx Pulse ®. Bboxx Pulse ®, our fully integrated operating system seamlessly powers our super platform, and it has enabled us to transform the lives of over 3 million people.”
Christopher Baker-Brian, Co-Founder and CTO of Bboxx

Our super platform is a combination of physical highways, digital highways, the relationship of trust with customers, machine learning and big data techniques. The physical highway includes products, retail network, sales agents, technicians, repair, and distribution centres. Whereas the digital highway is represented by Bboxx Pulse ®, which enables distributed business to automate critical business processes and digitally unlock scale.

Ability to integrate a diverse range of products and services
Energy access is only the entry point, and it unlocks all other access – access to finances, clean cooking, internet, water, etc. Bboxx Pulse ® enables our super platform to seamlessly integrate, distribute and finance a multitude of essential products and services. These products and services include:

  • IoT enabled and token based solar home systems
  • Mini grids
  • Clean cooking LPG
  • Water pumps
  • Smart phones
  • Cash loans
  • E-mobility

Bboxx Pulse ® is a complete operational management solution. Regardless the product category, with Bboxx Pulse ®, distributed businesses are managing everything from mobile money integrations, remote monitoring and control, swaps, repair centres to stock movements, sales agents, and technicians.

Use of Machine Learning and Big Data techniques
Combined with advanced Machine Learning algorithms and big data techniques, Bboxx Pulse ® is providing distributed business with a wealth of valuable customer insights, which helps strengthening the relationship of trust with customers.

  • Credit scoring and customer upgrades: Bboxx Pulse ® deploys advanced machine learning algorithms to generate credit score for predicting customer upgrades. By doing so, Bboxx proactively reaches out to customers to offer them new products and services through the call centre and local sales agents.
  • Proactive product management: Bboxx Pulse ® remotely manages over 550,000 IoT devices from energy to water. Our fully integrated operating system collects more than 10 million data points every day from our distributed products, which includes alerts, energy consumption patterns, precise geo location, and device temperature. This enables remote management of device health and performance.

Accelerating Africa’s development through digitization
Through Bboxx Pulse ®, our super platform is accelerating the continent’s development through digitization.

  • Bridging the digital divide: through smart phones, internet, satellite TVs (over 36 M SMSs sent to customers in 2021)
  • Financial inclusivity: through mobile money, cash loans, Insurance, PAYG, employment (over 1.4 M payments received every month and over 270 M loans managed)
  • Energy access: through clean electricity, clean cooking, water, mobility (over 18 MWh of energy generated every day)

Many of the customers are the first in the continent to go completely clean on energy, adapt mobile money, and have access to financial services like cash loans. Thanks to Bboxx Pulse ® for enabling this leapfrogging evolution.

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