The most significant factor preventing taxi drivers from accessing high-performance electric vehicles (Evs) is the initial upfront cost. 

Though the lifetime costs (operational and maintenance) associated with EVs are significantly lower than gasoline-powered (ICEs) vehicles and result in as much as 40% additional income for the driver. However, these electric vehicles which are considered productive use equipment are out of reach for millions of Okada, boda boda, moto drivers in Africa today.

With the nascent rise of competent E-Mobility providers across the continent, Bboxx is leveraging its robust distribution network to drivers at the last mile who depend on their vehicles as a means of livelihood.

We are also driving the transport electrification movement by eliminating the barrier of initial entry, making these high-performance two-wheelers more available, and making public transportation safer with the introduction of safety gear and high-quality helmets. In Rwanda, Bboxx has partnered with Ampersand to finance ten of thousands of electric taxi motorcycles for local drivers over the coming years.

For more information on our partnership to provide thousands of e-motos , please read here.


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