Flexx10 is our new entry level, plug and play portable solar lantern, designed for rural customers at the bottom of the energy pyramid.

The system comes with a 9.6 Wh Lithium battery and a 3 W solar panel. Flexx10 can power a 1.8 W LED light bulb and charge mobile phones. The system is designed to minimize lifetime costs and includes a lithium battery and other features which allows it to be sold even more affordably. This product targets rural population that earns below 2 USD per day. The product will serve customers in their house to read, cook and enjoy family life but also to light up their market stall at night. These customers typically used kerosene lamps or candles prior to becoming Flexx by Bboxx customers.


Battery Type

3.2V, 3.2Ah LiFePO4 battery

Battery Capacity

3Ah LiFePO4 battery / 9.6Wh

Available daily electrical energy

7.1Wh per day



Solar Panel

3 W


Upfront (Non-IoT and Non-PAYG product)

Supporting Appliances

Phone charger

Management at scale

Product, business, and customer management through Bboxx Pulse

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