Smart Cooking Valve

Bboxx’s unique approach to expanding access to clean cooking solutions across Africa combines cutting-edge technology with innovative financing options. 

This ground-breaking new technology – the Smart Cooking Valve – is designed to address multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals by significantly reducing household reliance on harmful biomass fuels such as charcoal, providing affordable clean energy, improving health outcomes, and contributing to carbon emissions reduction across the continent.

The Smart Cooking Valve facilitates access to cleaner, faster and more affordable LPG cooking solutions for low-income households that currently depend on harmful and inefficient fuels. The Smart Cooking Valve is a one-of-a-kind, digitally connected gas locking valve device that controls gas flow based on customers mobile money payments, and is attached directly to the LPG cylinder. This is combined with the Pay-as-you-cook model, which enables customers to access gas on a daily rate, freeing them from the high upfront cost of purchasing a full cylinder while granting them access to as much gas as they need within each daily period. This technology-driven solution is the most cost-effective device of its kind that allows to offer a cheaper alternative to traditional charcoal basins and reduces the average daily cost of cooking energy by 10%.

The new technology is powered by Bboxx’s proprietary operating system, Bboxx Pulse®, which allows Bboxx to monitor the clean cooking uptake at the household level – enabling full transparency and generating trusted impact and carbon reporting.

Bboxx has successfully launched the product in Rwanda and DRC and will roll out the product across all 10 of its operational markets in 2024. Bboxx plans to partner with LPG companies to scale access to clean cooking LPG to reach more than 10 million households by 2028, impacting more than 50 million people, and saving more than 60 million trees each year.

Smart Cooking Valve


W15.0 x L20.0 x H14.0 cm


1 kg

Valve size of the regulator

3 models: 20mm for CK-B01, 21mm for CK-B02 and 27mm for CK-B03


CE-ATEX certificate

Management at scale

Product, business and customer management through Bboxx Pulse®

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